Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is essential to everyone’s health.

Nutrition is a vital component of growth and development, and in maintaining health and wellness and reducing the risk of chronic disease as we age. In addition, acute and chronic diseases and/or medical conditions can alter an individual’s nutritional requirements. Provision of the appropriate nutrition can make a significant impact on health outcomes and quality of life.

1 out of 3 people

admitted to hospitals

are malnourished

Nutrition support therapy is evidence-based therapy managed by registered dietitians and other healthcare providers to maintain or restore optimal nutrition status and health; it encompasses provision of oral, enteral, or parenteral nutrients with therapeutic intent.¹ Depending on the situation, nutrition support therapy may be required for short or long periods of time and is administered in diverse healthcare settings or at home. The amount, type, and feeding method are specific to each person with the goal being to support growth and development, improve patient outcomes, minimize complications of care, and allow patients to live their lives as normally as possible.


Nutrition support therapy is different from medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in that MNT includes nutrition diagnosis and counseling services for the purpose of disease management.² Nutrition support therapy products play a vital role in the “intervention” phase of MNT, which is an important component of the comprehensive healthcare plan for the patient.

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